1998 Mazda 626 Questions

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Am trying to TORQUE the head back on
My exhaust pipe is broke at the opposite end of the cat.converter as the header. Do I need to replace the cat.and if so what else do I need to get too (exhaust pipe,muffler..)
p1744 says its the torque converter clutch solenoid. I am wondering where that is located and is it an expensive fix? It is a mazda 626, automatic tranny, 1998. The car starts shifting hard after the car has warmed up. 45-60min
Problem happens all the time. Whenever I try to push the gas pedal, my car violently shakes, and won't accelerate, check engine flashes, a minute later the car is running again smoothly, until I have to go up a hill, or statt accelerating faster. And not a little shaking- but violently. My car won't go. Terrifying to have to drive half of the time. Help someone, I know nothihng about cars, and am on a limited budget.
When slowing to a stop to rapidly the engine sometimes stalls out.
Was told by prev owner if is tension pully any ideas
But does have crank signal. EEC already replace; no change.
I have to slam it over and over, and now it just wont catch.

this has happened three times now go out to start car tries to start but doesnot continue running change plugs car starts and runs ok. Plugs not fouled or black or oil soked just dead. Tried OEM recommended and platinum they also failed. Any experience in this area.
can not remove license plate bulb cover on back on aut.
all common problems have been checked
Hey there my 626 2.5 LX won't stay running. It starts and then it stumbles and quits.It is giving me these codes:

Codes P1132,Oxy sensor (Bank 1 sensor 1)Switch indicates rich
P0172, Bank 1 Sys too rich
P0174, Bank#2 Sys too lean

It won't stay running long enough too get out of the car and check under the hood. Can you tell me where this sensor is located on the motor and what too do?
Bought a new unit, it reads340 ohms, the same as the old one in the car, but according to the Haynes manual, it should read 520-580 ohms, so i bought a new one. Don't know what is correct?
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