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when driving the car sometime when its cold it makes a rattling noise
The vehicle has not been running, for about 9 months now. During that time, I have replaced, the fuel pump, starter, the distributor, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs & wires, alternator, and battery. I sent it to the Mazda dealership, for a recall, on the ignition switch, thinking that might have been the problem that I've been chasing, but had not shown up on any prior diagnosis. The vehicle has now been there for 2 months. That's to get the ignition switch put in. And once the car still didn't start, they began a diagnosis. How much should that diagnosis cost me, being that so many parts are already new and working, that I'd replaced. I'm being told, that they will have to charge me per hour the diagnosis cost to continue to search for the problem. Is there much more that could be wrong with the vehicle, other than what's been replaced? I'm being charged now for 2 hours of a diagnosis. About 250 total, however they say, that they have put in about 4 or 5 hours worth of time, so far. It just seems that there should be a ceiling price for a diagnosis charge. If anyone can help me with an answer, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Was driving home my lights went dim to off radio on and off made it home went out and it didnt start got a jump start it runs but when its turned off it will not start
timing jump and i adjust the intake and exashaust to point but didnt do the bottom now wont fire cause no compression
no codes and tripple checked all the vacuum lines and wireing help
It is rather slow and I understand that Mazda has a history of leaking expansion tanks. I am a DIY type of guy and I have the service manual but it does not address changing the expansion tank. The tank seems to be install in the drivers side wheel well. Any information on how to change it or where to get information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much
Sputtered and died with out no prior indication. It's well maintained car has 170K miles on it. Pulled over and tried to start it, it cranks real well but does not start at all.
Just had smog test done. And tech says I need to go pay a mechanic to get timingjumper fixed. What the heck is the timing jumper and how do I fix it?
Car is driven more than 30 minutes. Check engine light comes on. Won't climb hills good. Seems to shift rough and have jerking motion when it shifts.
It turns over and continually sounds like it is about to start but won't. A "master mechanic" looked at it and said it's a blown head gasket. I already started removing the cylinder head to replace the head gasket, but did not do a compression test first. I have not seen any oil/antifreeze mixture, but the car has been putting out white smoke for months intermittently. The spark plugs, battery, distributor cap, router, spark plug wires, coil, coil wire are all replaced. Suggestions?
Even when I put it in neutral it still doesnt budge
Engine overheating

The relay is 80 bucks is there a way to test it reset it to see if I need the relay or fuel pump ?
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