1993 Mazda 626 Questions

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then it will just crank if i push down on the accelerator and it while start rough until u get it to idle
It will start cold but once i stop the car a few times i have to push on the accelerator to make it go. After about a dozen cranks it catch a that when the petrol fumes and dark gray/black smoke happens. it been in the garage three times and they dont know the problem
My masda 626 runs fine and idles fine until engine heats up then it misfires when i accelerate and loses power. I cleaned my egr-valve replaced my maf-sensor(with original masda626 maf) and still no luck I haven'n replaced spark plugs or plug wires as of yet any advice?
Drove car during the day with no problem except I do know the battery was weak as cold starts were labored and wipers were slower than normal. Started car 4-5 hours later and got two minutes up the road and idle was a bit erratic (bouncing 800 - 1000 rpm. Normally sits at 750 when warm. Also noticed lack of power and what sounded like exhaust leak. Thought EGR possibly? Went to start car next day and of course battery completly dead. As this is a 20 year old car I don't want to invest to much into it and definitely don't want to replace parts by guessing.No indication from dash like engine light on or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated
I was told I have a small leak in Water pump.

Engine size: 1.8
Car starts up fine but only stays running for about 15 minutes then shuts off. If i let the car sit for 15 minutes after shutting down it starts back up again but never runs for more than a few minutes. No alarm code and no idiot lights come on.Car was rear ended a week before this problem began.
was driving then the car just quit. changed the distributor with no results. when you push the gas to the floor it sounds like it tries to start. seems to be getting gas with the exception when you remove the no. 1 spark plug it looks dry HELP!
after putting a new timing belt on.(yes all the timing marks are we they should be )we put the distributer back in were it should be,now the only way it will start is with the distributer fully advanced and when we try and drive it it wants to stall when you give it gas. any ideas??? i need help.
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