Q: Massive oil leaks,coolant leaking into upper intake,trans pan leaks on 1995 Buick LeSabre

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According to the mechanic who inspected my car, I need to replace the upper intake manifold (leaking coolant), trans pan gaskets, oil pan gaskets and valve cover gaskets. He says there are "massive" oil leaks. I want to order the parts online to save $$$$, but I'm totally confused on what parts would be best & least expensive. Also, how many labor hours should this all take? The shop says I might pay about $500 in parts (from him) and $1000 ($88/hr) in labor. Does this all sound right? I also don't have that kind of of money to spend. Sorry if I seem clueless, but I'm just a girl who did a little googling on this and now I'm more confused than ever. Any advise/help given would be GREATLY appreciated. thnx for reading my question.
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the labor sounds about right and the price per hour is very cheap.
remember, when you buy your own parts, there will be no warranty expressed or implied in case of a problem. you would be responsible for all the labor all over again. re think buying on line for the parts.

If I can make a recommendation, I would recommend Brake Masters. I have a 1996 Buick Lesabre and I had to get my upper intake manifold gasket replaced($350), and the oil pan gasket is going to cost me $189 I believe. They saved me a couple of hundred having my fuel pump/filter/strainer replaced today. Good luck!