Q: Massive light failure in '98 Toyota Camry LE on 1998 Toyota Camry

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The tail lights, reverse lights, front parking lights, dash lights, climate control lights and gear selector lights (automatic) are no longer working. I've checked every fuse under the dash and hood both visually and using a multimeter - they're fine. I replaced the tail light bulbs. There is no dash panel annunciator. What's going on here? Any advice would be appreciated.
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What does a maxi fuse relay look like? Where under the hood is it located? In the fuse box?
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All the lights you mention except the back up lights are engaged with the headlight switch. check the tail light fuse with the light switch on.
We just had the headlight switch replaced. If that switch failed, would it take all of these lights with it? The headlights still work. What am I checking for at the tail light fuse with the headlight switch on? Voltage?
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The headlights would have a separate circuit in the switch but was wanting to be sure voltage was present some do not unless the switch is in the on position.
Can you expand on your headlight switch theory? We had a shop put in a new headlight switch 2 years ago, and they just used a junkyard part. I checked the reverse lights last night and they work fine. So, I'm wondering if the problem is there.
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The headlight switch turns on the park/tail lights and the headlights. The dash lights are activated with the tail light circuit.
Thanks for your help. Turns out it was the tail light relay, located behind the fuse box up under the dash. I wasn't getting DC volts at the tail light (10A) fuse. So I went back upstream to the relay. Replaced it, and now everything works. Thanks so much for the direction.
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