Q: Mass electrical problems on 1991 Volvo 240

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I am having a lot of electrical problems in the past 6 months. Taillights won't work when lights are on. Blower motor stopped working. I cannot figure out why???
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These are both common problems on the 240. First check the fuses, if they're corroded replace them all and clean the corrosion from the fuse connectors. Check power to the blower motor, the motor often fails but you may have a voltage delivery issue too.
The taillight circuit boards, bulb sockets and connector all have issues so check it all very good.
I did check all the fuses and some seem a bit corridor. I went to Napa and grabbed some new ones which seemed very cheap- but they were the only replacement one's for that type of Volvo. It seems like all the original one's were ceramic and these replacement ones are plastic. Then I bumped one of the fuses that handles the turn signal. I put it back in and now the turn signals don't work! have no idea why???
Thanks for the answer. I might as well just sell it because when I touch anything- I get more problems.
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