Q: Mass Airflow Sensor on 2002 Ford Escape

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my car bogs down going up hill...the rpms go up but i have no power have already changed spark plugs have been told it is my mass airflow does that sound ligit
(4) Answers
Had the same problem, took the escape to a mech and he replaced the rear catalytic converter. The engine regained all power and has been running fine for the past 9 months. No issues after the replacement. Mech said it was a good thing it was not the catalytic converter(s) off the exhaust manifold or it would have been expensive.
Have you checked the trouble codes? This can be caused by several thing, so you should start with codes, check fuel pressure, and check the exhaust back pressure before replacing parts.
I am going through the same thing, all I can say is it looks like the EMG Valve and/or the EGR Pressure Sensor. My ran like **** for 4 months, then the Valve blew out, replaced it and it blew out again within 24 hours. Now I am told it is the EGR Pressure Sensor. Check it out!