Q: Mass Air Flow Sensor on 1994 Volvo 940

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I was told that if I take the connection off the MAF while the car is running the car should shut down. If it doesnt shut down then the MAF needed to be replaced. When I performed the test, the car puttered real bad and seemed to be ready to shut down however it didnt shut down completely. Does this mean that my MAF needs to be replaced?
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This is not a good way to diagnose a bad MAF sensor. Ideally you should check the diagnostic trouble codes and fuel pressure. However disconnecting the MAF probably set a code so that's not too reliable.
I would check the codes, write them down, pull fuse #1 to reset the codes, drive the car and recheck the codes. Also check the fuel pressure.
Find out how to read codes here:
Post the codes and we can likely provide more info.
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