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Mass Air Flow Sensor

(2003 Nissan Altima)
in New Orleans, LA on April 06, 2011
Hello All ! I recently had my car repaired at a local dealer for Mass Air Flow Sensor and Engine/Coolant Temp Sensor. As part of this process, does anybody know if my ECM was suppose to be reprogrammed ?
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on April 06, 2011
i researched your codes and none had tsb for re programming. you have evap code, vvt code with a cam sensor code, a fuel level sensor code and a mass air flow sensor code.

these all need to be diaged individually. a flashing will not fix the issues. the failed parts need to be identified and repaired as necessary.

Did all these come up after the repair on the mass air flow??

When this is repaired, the tech should check to see if there is an update available for the computer.
the short answer is no. it does not have to be done but it does have to be checked for updates.

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on April 06, 2011
Yes, the codes all came up after the dealer did the work on my car. I wonder could this be part of the recall they also did a few months ago. Involving a cam/crank sensor. I have replaced, like I mentioned earlier...fuel pump, another crank sensor, maf, engine/coolant temp sensor, spark plugs.

I also have oil shorting out my plugs. I have replaced these about 4 times.

on April 06, 2011
the recall for the crank sensor is for stalling, that is a flash or re programming.
i dont like all the parts being replaced. the likely hood of all them failing at the same time is slim at best.
i would get a second opinion on the issues and tell them about the previous repairs.

as far as the plugs, that is a separate issue by itself. there are seals that may have failed fouling out the plugs..

on April 06, 2011
Thanks a bunch ! KUDOS TO ROY !!!
on April 06, 2011
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on July 28, 2015
No. Answer just advice as far as shops changing out old sensors. Honestly you do not have to reprogram the ECU everytime you change one or more sensors out. If you take the cables off the battery and touch both together for two to three seconds it willp hard clear any bad codes after the replacement of the faulty sensors. Once done reset cable ends on battery and before restarting check current codes on ECU by turning key to on position without actually starting the motor five consecutive times. On the fifth time leave the ignition in the on position. Codes from ECU should reset themselves to clear them u will have to use a diagnostic reader from local auto store I.e. Autozone, pep boys, discount auto. It's easy as pie to operate and clear off your old codes that were showing and addressed with new parts. Now. Once cleared off the codes ECU doesn't have to be reprogrammed but it wouldn't hurt to have it checked for parameters and dealer specs. Should all be in order and able to start and drive. If needed ECU programming can and should be done by the dealer not some shop owner who's looking to get your return business. And in short we all know some people don't do it their selves but rely on the shop to be professional and honest. But given that you are a return ticket and don't know much about mechanics even better you will net them more on the next return that something is still wrong when in fact processes weren't done properly and or something else is wrong only compounding the amount due for repairs. From experience I've found people were given junk yard parts used but being charged top dollar amount for the part that is used and not new, quite often also found that they were a return to the business with related problems, and as well double charged not only for new parts but not getting them or good honest service without returning for more unnecessary work. Honest people will keep you away at all cost and on the road because their reputation and service matter more than seeing you again for another wallet exersizum. I've been a diy type guy since my first car seized on me from poor maintenance and heavy footed in my younger sports car days. After it took me an afternoon to get out the engine and break it down I took it to. The block and rebuilt it. And three days later crank reweldedand resurfaced to spec and special bearings micd for the model engine I had and to spec. 439 dollars and hrs behind wrenches I became more than knowledgeable. I was looking for. Reasons to work on it. In doing so I gained what some only take for granted experience in being took down the road because I had no clue.please Don't assume you aren't a target to business and vulnerable once you got a bill in your hands saying that it's fixed all new parts and won't be having anymore issues? When In fact 75/80% of all repair places use the unknoledgeable and inexperienced as meal tickets...... Not all do but there are quite a lot that do prey on you. And you're at their mercy as to actually fixing it and doing the job honestly, with no returns. Or if you just like throwing 684.00away only to find that the tech that promised good service used less than good or better yet used parts and I've seen it in more than one state and all walks of life from the rich to the poor fall victim. Mechanical issues should be researched and guaranteed by shop that by receipt of payment received, that you're satisfied with the work. Well problem with that in most cases is how do you know that it's all new parts and accessories are not tampered with just to get you back for more wallet exercises. Be sure that you have solid and reputable auto repairs done. If you have one sensor replaced and you are back in two or three days best bet is you didn't get just a new sensor you got most all or a majority of them tampered with for instance if it's untagged while car is o and idling code pops up bad sensor and well this is why you're back no real reasonable explanation these things just happen and is expected on older cars my ass People.......its more like dishonest and crooked workers knowingly and deliberately bringing you back to their shop because oh...... You came recommended. Well I recommend you to do this...... Pay attention and ask to see parts used before installed as well check the BBB for reputable dealings. People we have Internet now Google your ass off researching and self diagnosing and understanding the nature of mechanics. Or you can suffer the nature of heartache and loss as well maybe even snookered into doing unessassary repairs just because they recommend it and usually it's because of this that and the third when all the while it's supposed to be done that way but they want you back.........but it's on you to use common sense and he'll info is free to find its a Google click away anymore... . So fyi learn how to diy! And or knowledge with the car and engine you have and its not to hard to spot a snookerer. If they say we replaced your part but. ... .. Noticed this and that and they have to be addressed first before the original problem is fixed chances are you're in that 75/80% who they are trying to milk out of yalls hard earned money. Knowledge isn't always power, common sense is, with that said don't send the wife to the garage for repairs she's just gonna agree and not. Knowing that she's being taken she willingly agrees and says fix what Needs doing, and when should I be expecting it done..... Wrong and improper. In most cases plz... .. Some women know way more then men about cars and can't fool em this is rare but not uncommon.kinda shoulda blogged this but for you diy_rs pass on your experiences and opinions. Who. Knows. That single mom with three kids and no time for explicit actions or on hand experience as to just what it is that the tech is replacing. She's not got time and in most cases the money either to waste on inexperience and or knowledge of mechanics. DIY........or pay out of pocket but FYI.... Beware......dont be a target. .. If ya do feel like being a target remember your wallet will be the Bullseye.. Not your knowledge or experience with common sense mechanics.good luck to all and sry again but it just may help someone I had to learn maybe the next person just hasn't learned yet because they just would rather keep paying and again play the target.
P. S. DIY or fyi don't forget use Common sense it just may save you more than a coupon or in time debt to greedy all I want is you to keep coming back and paying no attention to how or what I'm actually doing to keep your wallet open so I can get into it
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