Q: Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor and the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor and Cat Convert. on 2001 Toyota Tacoma

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I am thinking of buying a 2001 Tacoma but am seeing lots of "famous 100k check engine" questions. This usually involves failure of the Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor and the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor or Cat Convert issues. Are these issues prevalent enough with this year that I should steer clear and start at 2002?? Once you fix the MAF or Air Fuel Ratio sensor, is it a one time fix or have to replace again possibly. Thanks!
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The O2 sensor heater circuits fail but many vehicles have the same problem, sensor is easy to replace. Air flow meters can set a code or set a random misfire code, cat. converter failure is not too common. Overall these are a great truck. I drive a Toyota truck and love it, we work on a lot of Toyotas, they are very reliable.
2002 FYI the only thing that ever gave me trouble was the check engine code that comes up for the gas cap. I had to have the charcoal canister replaced couple hundred bucks. Whatever you do don't let the yota sit - worst thing for it. 280,000 miles. Make sure you replace the plugs and wires, did that and it ran like a new truck! Loved my 2002