map sensor on 2003 GMC Envoy

map sensor keep going off/on replace the sensor and catalytic converter still occurs

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you need to find the real issue. map sensors do not go on and off. there could be a control problem.
why did you replace the cat??

i replace the catalytic becacaue the map sensor is suppose to be the air flow through the manifold, and i had got a catalytic below threshold code reading before . will throttle body or the oxygen sensor cause the map sensor code to pop off/on .
no. the code was probably a 420 which is a cat code. the cat is longer working and must be replaced. the map sensor has little or no effect on your cat operation.

manifold absolute pres./barometric pres. circ code p0105
try this site. i hope it works which will show you what has to be checked for the failure.