Q: Manual transmission will not go into gear until the truck is warmed up on 1993 Toyota T100

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Every morning when I leave, if the truck sits for any long amount of time, manual 5 speed, not a mechanic but does it have a transmission fluid fill area
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Make sure it has the correct lube (sae) in the trans. Have seen some with heavy gear oil in trans. That dont work to good when cold!
That is just one suggestion. Will it go in gear with engine off? And if so with clutch depressed does it still try to move the truck when started.
It will go into gear with the engine off and when the clutch is depressed, it will move slightly in the beginning, after it is warmed up for ten minutes or longer, it will shift but not super easy, after a little driving it shifts just fine
Here is what i would do,drain and refill trans. with proper lube. If that doesn't help replace clutch slave cylinder!
Been there done that! In fact the slave cyl. might be the first thing to try. Fixed a Nissan that was doing the exact thing.
Bet if you pumped the clutch a bunch of times it would be ok even cold. Is is not the clutch master cyl but the slave cyl.
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