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Q: Manual transmission compatibility on 2001 Kia Sportage

I have a 2 wd manual transmission that has gone out. I purchased a used 4wd transmission not including the transfer case. According to the KIA Global website the transmissions are the same with the exception of the 4 wd having a transfer case and the 2 wd having an extension or tail stock in its place. I have found that the rear case of the 4 wd transmission is approx 11" long and the rear case of the 2wd transmission is approx 6 1/4" long not including the tail stock. This does not worry me as I planned to use the rear case and tail stock from my 2 wd transmission. My problem stems from overall measurements of both transmissions. The 2 wd unit from bell housing to the end of the mainshaft measures approx 30 3/4". The 4 wd unit bell housing to mainshaft end measures approx 26 3/8". This tells me that the 2wd mainshaft is approx 4 3/8" longer than the 4 wd mainshaft. The question: Can I use my 2 wd mainshaft, rear case and tail stock with the rest of the 4 wd transmission parts to make a useable 2 wd transmission?
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This is a very tough question because you want to assemble a transmission out of odd parts on a somewhat obscure vehicle. Obviously the transmissions are not the same, although the ratios may be. Very likely, there are shared internal parts, but not the shafts, for instance. You may be able to make it work, but you may be the first to do it. If you are really into this, tear them down and attempt it.
Another idea: Kia training is very good (or used to be) and there may be a Kia training center you could phone or visit. The car is no longer current, so information will be only available from a Kia veteran.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
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