Q: manual 5 speed if i shift to 1st,2nd, or reverse is only going into 3rd and 4th?? on 1995 Volkswagen Golf

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ok i came off an exit ramp shifted threw all gears fine and when i went to shift into 5th my friends knee was in the way and it cought it (was not dogging it) i pulled it back and when i went to push it back into 5th it is in 3rd i continued to drive home in 4th. After this happend i relized if i have it in 1st or 2nd with car off i can push from 1st directly over to were 5th supose to be same thing with second i dont think it was like that before. I drove it 2 days later and still wouldnt go into 5th was driving in 4th but when i came to a stop light n put in nautral felt like i had more slack than normal from nautral to 1st felt like the same slack from nautral to 5th after it went out and when i went to take off in 1st it was in 3rd just as 5th would do so now 1st, reverse and 5th is 3rd and 2nd is 4th. does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?? please reply need to fix asap only vehicle???
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