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2001 Chrysler 300M Question: Malfunction Light

My malfunction light has been coming on and off for the past few days. When it's on my gages will stop working from time to time. Then sometimes it won't start. Had a mechanic look at it and he replaced the battery because it wasn't getting all the voltage it was suppose to(worked for a while and now its back to the same). When the car won't start it kind of makes a drumming noise under the hood -
Answer 1
Well we know that just throwing parts in a car with out diagnostics testing is a wash out. This light has possiblly set a code, so diagnostic test is needed, and you may need to have a overnight stay whereby the vehicle will be under the conditions that cause the light to come on. When does this light come on when vehicle is cold or hot or after being driven for a short or long period,or when you turn on another component? Start noticing when date/time/and under what conditions that the light comes on. Does the vehicle do anything different when the light comes on? Take note, but it does need diagnostics testing. If a code is set find out what it is, and have vehicle repaired, could be something small. (smile) -
Answer 2
ck cahrging system, poss alt is charging on the weak side. if ok scan for codes and post so we can adv -
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