Q: malfunction indicator lamp on 2003 Honda CR-V

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The MIL came on, indicated catalytic converter and misfiring, Replaced converter; tune up and changed plugs; MIL came back on; diagnostic by Honda showed nothing wrong; tried changing gas brands, no change. It either stays on or flashes. Can a lamp go bad? Mechanics can't find a problem.
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Can you post the codes that are coming on now? It sounds like you still have a misfire, and this needs to be addressed before you ruin the new catalytic converter. There is an excellent group of Honda techs on this site, post the codes and hopefully you will get some insight about what to do.
If the technicians can't find a problem then there is an intermittent problem. When this happens the vehicle will have to be diagnosed when it's acting up. Patience on your part is needed when your vehicle won't cooperate. Once the vehicle cooperates then the problem can be diagnosed. It would help if you kept a log of exactly what happened when the MIL illuminated with details of how the vehicle was running, engine speed, engine temp, vehicle speed and any other details you can think of. It really helps if you can duplicate it consistently. The more information you can give the techs the greater chance of diagnosing the problem.
Thanks for your reply. My mechanic found that the fuel injector on #2 cylinder was going, which was causing the misfires. So for anyone else that may have a problem, I've learned to be patient. I figured that it was most likely that something was going bad and I just had to wait until it went bad enough to show up in a diagnostic. It took awhile, but at last I know what is going on. Once I replace it in the next day or so, hopefully the MIL will not come back on again....or I will take your advise and send the codes.
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