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Q: Major shake of death on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

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This has happened twice now. My 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9Litre V-8 starts doing what feels like the shake of death. I'll be driving down the highway just fine, then all of sudden it starts shaking like no other, this time the Check Engine light blinked a couple of times then went off. It usually happens when i am driving up a hill and there is alot of stress on the engine. (Low RPM but still hauling heavily) This last time was the worst so far. It feels as though it is in the front of the truck, but i cant find any joint that are loose or bearings or anything like that. My mechanic uncle was with me the first time and he doesn't even have any idea what it could be since nothing seems to be loose. I dont think this matters, but my engine is burning oil pretty good, about 4 quarts every 150-175 miles. I also have new ball joints and u-joints on the front axle and new front ABS sensors, new tires, tie rod joints, front end alignment, rear bearings, and a few other things with the suspension that i cant think of off hand. Any questions about what was done just ask and i can find out. Thankyou for your help.
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is it a 4x4 if it is the front end shaking check the track bar it goes from the frame to the front axle on the oil burning these engines intake manifold can suck air from underneath where you cant see it to check this take out the pcv valve and plug the hose then start engine see if you still have a vacuumn coming from the breather grommet if it has vacuumn at the valve cover grommet it is leaking at the bottom of the intake manifold from the gasket this will make it use a lot of oil and sometimes it will ping there is a tsb on this to repair remove manifold change gasket good luck hope this helps
Check engine light will not blink because something is shaking in the steering! Need scan test, poss. engine misfire(s).
Thanks this is the first time the light came on, the first time it just shook like crazy. Giving the idea of something in the steering. Could bad piston rings have something to do with this?
Dont think so, if it were a ring it would not be that intermittent. Scan computer for trouble codes.
Is the computer sscan one of those deals where i turn the key on-off, on-off, on-off, on? or do i need to have someone with a code reader hook it up?
A professional scanner is your best bet. Code reader is better than guessing though.
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