Q: "Maintenance Required" light will not turn off. on 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser

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I cannot get the "maintenance required" light on the dash to go off. I have reset all the maintenance dates. I have turned the ignition to the on position and held down the mileage trip meter button that is supposed to get it to turn off. It stays lit. Any suggestions? All the maintenance is current.
(1) Answer
The resetting of the MR light is a timing issue. You have to get the combination of the button and the ignition hokey-pokey to fall together just right to get it to reset. I ususally have to do it three or four times every time I try it.
Watch the odometer as you do the reset hokey-pokey...if you do it correctly, the odometer will show all horizontal lines (in place of the numbers), then steadily blink and each line will disappear unitl there are none left- then it is reset and the light will go off.
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