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Q: MAF code after installing high-flow intake on 2007 Volvo S60

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Hello to all,
I have a 2007 S60T5, on which I just installed a high-flow intake from Eurosport Tuning. I drove the car with no problem for 2 days, after which check engine light and MAF code 101 appeared. I re-checked and re-tightened all of the MAF connections and erased the code. Car was fine for about 100 miles and the code came on again. I erased the code again and car was fine for about another 100 miles after which the code returned. The car runs fine after the code re-appears, but this obviously has me concerned.

Has anyone had similar issues with the installation of a free-flow intake? Might the ECU have to "re-learn" intake airflow with the new intake system? Thanks in advance for any suggestions / ideas.
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Do you happen to have a K&N air filter also - perhaps an other oil film type of filter installed?

Hello Zee,

Thanks for your reply. While the filter is not a K&N, it is a similar type of filter. Based upon your question should I be concerned about possible oil contamination of the MAF? The filter does not appear to be "over-oiled" but your question leads me in that direction. Thanks in advance for any additional input!
I'd try to clean the hot film element on the MAF sensor, since they are very sensitive of contamination, a slight oil film would work as an insulation. You can use a Qtip to wipe it carefully and you can see how dirty it was. CRC sells a very good cleaner dedicated to MAFs, you can buy it in most parts store.

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