Q: MAF ? on 1991 Nissan 300ZX

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My Z has been having acceleration problems as of late. I changed the fuel filter and it did no good. No check engine light has come up but I believe the bulb is out. After doing some research I believe my maf is bad. The car idles and runs fine with no abnormal noise, but the acceleration is still poor. Does anyone believe it's the maf ? I was told it coulb be fuel injectors, but the car doesn't idle rough. Also, would it be better to just clean the maf, or just replace it ?
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I have replaced the MAF sensor on several 300's. have you a voltmeter? I hate replacing parts at a guess without firm evidence a part is bad.
The electrical connection at the sensor has 6 wires. The second wire in from the side that has wires in the each socket, should have .8volts dc with the key on engine off, start the engine let it run and warm up, voltage should be from .8 to 1.5 volts.
I have a similar problem with my 300ZX. Ran ECU diagnostics with code 55 recorded - everything OK.
Checked the voltage as suggeted and got a reading of 0.48 volts with key on. Running engine was within spec 1.29 volts. I cleaned the MAF with MAF Cleaner and also cleaned connectors and terminals. Retetsed - no difference.
Does the 0.48 reading mean it's had it?
My Z had the same problem, it was my Idle air control valve. You should also check your coolant temp sensor, that could be a problem too as it works directly with the MAF to tell the engine how much fuel to inject.
Replacing the Mass Air Flow Sensor helped my 1994 300zx run much better. the cost is around $400.00 and up.