Q: Lower Ball Joint price does not match dealer / other shops quoting. Who's right? on 2008 Jeep Patriot

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I called Ourisman Jeep Alexandria, Chantilly Jeep and Merchants Tire in two locations. Told the ball joint and the lower control arm come together. Parts and labor Merchants said $900. to $1000. and the dealers said $1500. and $1100. So who is right? I am guessing your online quote is a standard ball joint replacement without changing the lower control arm. Everyone I called said the ball joint separately can be purchased from Moog however no one will install it except as a combined unit due to liability. This is just so predictable for an AMerican made car run around.
(1) Answer
Find an independent Jeep specialist and ask him for an estimate. You may be able to get a better deal on labor. I'd imagine that replacing the ball joint itself has some reliability issues, especially since it's pressed in rather than riveted or bolted. Sorry you're having this experience, you are not alone, there are many reports of lower ball joint problems.
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