Q: low traction light on 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

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my daughter bought a 2010 Cobalt. Low Traction light came on. thinking it was a tire problem, had them checked, 1 was low on air, filled it and light went off. now the light comes on periodically. contacted Chevy Customer Service at about the problem by e-mail. They have already called and I will speak to them on Monday. This is a scary probelem because my daughter drives on Houston freeways to get to school.
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Low Traction light comes on when a wheel slips on the road surface. You probably already know this but with that in mind here may be the problem. The wheel speed sensors on the wheels tell the computer the individule wheel speed and if the computer sees a significant difference in the two front wheel speeds it thinks that one wheel is slipping and turns on the low traction light. It probably isn't a big concern but does have to be looked at by a tecnician. I think you have a bad wheel speed sensor or something wrong in the circuit of a wheel speed sensor.