Q: Low Trac, ABS, and Trac Off lights. on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

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I own a 99 Pontiac Grand Am SE. When I pull out the low trac light will sometimes, not always, come on. Then when I am driving down the road the ABS and the trac off lights come on at the same time then stay on. However there are times when neither the ABS or the trac off light come on at all. It seems to happen most often when I hit a bump in the road or something. What could be wrong?
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It sounds like a wheel speed sensor may be failing on your 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. Fault codes should be sorted in the ABS control module which will help isolate the cause of your problem. Any stored codes should be diagnosed and repaired as necessary. If you cannot properly diagnose the ABS system please use the following link to find a shop near you who can -
my grand am had the same problem. a failing wheel speed sensor will trigger the abs light, the service vehicle light, ad will turn the traction control off at the same time. befor going to change the wheel seed sensors which are integral to the hub assembly try just cleaning out the connectors to the sensors on both front wheels. they are right by the hub so its very common for the connectors to get very dirty on the inside. clean it out with some electric component spray and try it out. I actualy used mass air flow sensor cleaner and t solved the problem. also check to see if any of the wires are damaged. if this doesn't work than perhaps the sensor is in fact bad and that means youd have to replace the whole hub. this is pretty expensive and requires a special oversized socket so its a worth a try to clean it out first. hope this works for you!
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