Q: low headlights won't turn on on 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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I have a 2002 trailblazer.My low headlights won't turn on day or night only my running side lights. I have reversed the relays inside my control panel under the hood, and that did nothing. Then I went to the dealership and purchased a new solar cell that goes on the dash thinking this must be the problem. Nope. After looking in the chiltons manual I found it could be the headlight control switch so I ordered one and installed it tonight.Well that was not it either. I am running out of ideas if anyone can help I would really be grateful.
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Just in case its something really simple turn the headlights on to low beam and check for power on the tan/white wire at the right head light and yellow wire at the left head light if you have power its as simple as bad bulbs! Black at the bulbs should be a good ground. Under hood fuse box fuse #3 and 6 (10 Amp) protect the low beam circuit and should be 12v with low beams switched on. The low beam relay in the fuse box should have one terminal live at all times, (connection #2), if #2 is live remove relay and bridge to #4 and see if low beams work ( you have by passed relay and light switch circuit.) If they light up wiring and bulbs are OK in the "pulled in circuit". Pin #6 at the relay is ground and pin #5 is operated by the body control module to operate low beams.
Pat, I am not smart with vehicles, should I use a meter to test. and where do I locate the brown/yellow wires like you talked about in your response. Let me know, Thx