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Q: Low comp on the left head on 2003 Lincoln Aviator

I am being advised that I need to have the left head replaced due to low compression to the tune of about $4,700.
That is for a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Recommend whole engine and don't have price on that yet. I took it in to dealer because of check eng light/real ruff idle. No problem noticed at high speeds. I really don't have the $4,700 and I am hoping maybe some other cheaper issue like sensor or wiring. I am not a mechanic but will try simple maintenance.
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If there is low compression and a cylinder head is being recommended, there is likely a faulty valve causing the issue. It is possible that the head could be removed, sent to repair and repaired, then reinstalled for cheaper. It would be a good idea to get a second opinion.

A repair shop should perform a manual compression test, then a cylinder leak down test. This will narrow down the concern to the cylinder in question and the valve in question.

If you were going to drop $4,700, I would spend the extra $1,000 or so and replace the entire engine assembly. I cannot imagine the entire engine assembly costing more than $6,000 installed on this vehicle.

List price on the replacement engine in the book I am referencing is $4,222. That's probably negotiable as well. Labor should be about 17 hours for replacement of the complete assembly, including parts transfer. A dealership trying not to lose the job would negotiate this price to less than $6,000 installed. And for that -- you walk away with a 3 year / 100,000 mile warranty from Ford (I believe)...

Make sure you go over every option before making a decision.
You can replace your Lincoln Aviator for less than what they want for the engine repair. Shop around a bit on the craigslist site or similar before you borrow funds to finance a repair. You can borrow financing to replace the vehicle from bank/credit union at lower interest and selling your vehicle in fair condition even if you disclose a need for repair should make up the difference. The motors in the Aviators on average are not typically failing at less than 200K mileage.
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advise a second opinion from another shop. ask around to find out what shop is the best, not the cheapest. when you get all the figures to compare, you may be better off
trading it in.
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