Q: low beams not working on 2005 Buick LaCrosse

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replaced on off switch along with multi purpose on column
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local mech did this said its relay in main computer can only be fixed at dealer 400.00 labor&parts
One more thing, have you checked ALL fuses, with a test light on each side of each fuse, with lights on LOW beam? Lights must be on to check!! Now thats is ALL fuses?? You need to be sure it is not a bad fuse! On your other post you stated only one side not working, right?
That's not a relay! That's a bad fuse, after the work that has been done.
Cool, that should take care of it, seen it before!
Lot better than that 400.00 'no fix'!
Nice work Pushrod, I'll keep that in mind incase i come across this issue somewhere else..
Thanks Tbone, it's just that i had a Chevy give me a fit with the same problem. I checked all fuses and all that had current on them were good. Well dummy me didn't think about turning the lights on until i finaly realized that's the only way the headlight fuse could be tested with a test light. You had it right in your answer, just turn the lights on to the proper position, low or high beam, which ever circuit you are testing BEFORE checking the fuses!
I had the same problem on my 2005 LaCrosse,The dealer fixed it twice and it blew both times with in 6 mos. The dealer switched out the entire under hood fuse box at the tune of $ 800.00. Boy do I feel screwed, now I'm having that Blower problem with the A/C