Q: Low Beam Headlight is out - not bulb on 2007 Dodge Caliber

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My low beam headlight is out on the driver's side. The bulb was replaced and the fuses checked. What could be the problem? I tried to do an estimate but was unsure which selection to make. Thanks.
(1) Answer
My suggestion is to take your vehicle to your local dealership for inspecion. This is an explanation why.

Possible causes are as follows: 1. Ineffective or missing bulb. Correction. Test and replace headlamp bulb as required.(already done)
2. Ineffective ground circuit. . Test and repair open headlamp ground circuit as required.
3. Ineffective feed circuit. Test and repair open headlamp low beam or high beam feed circuit as required.
4. Ineffective switch. Test and replace left multi-function switch as required.
5. Ineffective Totally Intergrated Power Module (TIPM) inputs or outputs. Use a diagnostic scan tool to test the TIPM inputs and outputs as required. Refer to the appropriate diagnostic information. Check for TIPM Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
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