Q: Low beam headlamp replacement on 2001 Jaguar XKR

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How do I replace the low beam head lamp, driver's side?
(1) Answer
It's really a simple task. Much easier if you access it from the respective wheel wells. Turn your wheels to have maximum access. There are covers in the front of the wheel wells you can remove. Behind that cover, you will find a round light cover/seal. Turn that to the left to open so you have full access to low beam light assembly. You will find a clip, which hooks at the top and hinges down. Pull the single plug wire and the bulb. Replace the bulb, being an H1, it will have an angle cut on the lower left of the bulb seat. Avoid touching the bulb as oils/salts from your skin will cause it to fail sooner. Reverse the extraction process and you'll be done. Takes about 15 minutes to do both.