Q: Loud tapping from the top end of the motor.
on 2007 Nissan Quest

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I have a loud tapping noise on start up that goes away when warmed up. With a scope it sounds like it is either coming from the timing cover or fuel rail, but I am thinking it is more than likely a lifter. I am getting ready to do a motor flush to see if that clears my problem, but has anyone else experienced this problem and what did you find???? My Quest has only 80,000 on it and I feel that is very low mileage for a Nissan.
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Also sounds to me like lifter problem. After you do flush may want to up your oil weight to 10w-30 if not already. May want to also add some Lucas oil treatment too- if so though i've found synthetic one works much better but like $17 a quart at autoparts store.
Thanks for the reply. I have used Pennzoil full synthetic 5w30 and a K&N oil filter. I will try to use 10w30 if the flush does not work. I also added the Lucas motor treatment with my last oil change. Still tapping. Hopefully the flush does the job!