Q: loud rattling from engine compartment idling in drive. issues shifting into rev on 1996 Ford Explorer

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no rattling while driving normal speeds. rattling greatly reduced when i shift into neutral while stopped at traffic light. i have been driving with the rattling for months. just recently started having occasional difficulty shifting into reverse ( auto trans). feels stuck or being forced. brake warning light has also been on for about six mos.
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hard for me to tell. noise only occurs while in drive. no noise when i look under hood in park with engine running. also, my reverse gear problem has vanished once i discovered that my parking brake was stupid is that ? i never use it...dont know how it got set.
to answer your question, i tend to think the sound is coming more from the underside of the engine maybe slightly to the left.
My 2000 exp. had the same problem. The idle pulley was worn and rattling at low rpms. Stopped when in park or neutral or hiwhay speed.
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