Q: LOUD NOISes on 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

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My car is all of a sudden creaking and groaning underneath really bad and when I turn the steering wheel Ithink too. I have 178,000 miles on it and I am on unemployment and it is all I have and not much money left I just replaced fuel pump inside gas tank and the tensioner pulley serpentine belt.... Please tell me it is something simple
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the newer cars do not have gease fittings anymore. after your mileage, it sounds like a outer tie rod end or a lower ball joint. have a shop check it out for you.

The most commonly overlooked component causing noises from the front suspension on your vehicle are the Inner Sway Bar Bushings. Worn bushings will Squeak, make clunking noises ar slow speeds, ie: speed bumps etc, and are commonly mistaken for worn struts. Good news is that the bushing cost about $15.00 each (2), and take about 30 minutes to install.
I was told that it was struts and shocks. I had a friend who only replaced the struts. It is some better but at stops and slowing down it is creaking. It is really bad when I turn my steering wheel. I just lost my job and cannot get it fixed. It is all I have, and nobody around to fix it. what do I do. How do I tell it I have time and what to fix. I am scared and desperate.