Q: Loud noise when ac is turned on high on 1997 Toyota Camry

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a noise sounding like a ballon in bicycle spokes can be heard when the ac is on high. You can't hear it when it is on lowest setting. The ac still has cool air coming out of vents. The motor or belts have been suggested by a friend.
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Sounds like you have something in your blower motor, like a leaf or even a broken fan blade. I would remove the blower motor and see what it looks like. It is not hard to do, it is underneath the glove box.

Since you are a senior citizen, have one of your relatives do it, or a shop should be able to look at the blower motor for about $50-60.

here are some shops:
I'm a senior citizen female and i am not in a position to be getting under the dash. But thank you for your input. :))))