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Q: loud knocking in engine on 2005 Mazda Mazda6

My 2005 Mazda 6 2.3cylinder 4L. Had a loud ticking from top of engine. I changed the oil every 3000 miles. After the third oil change the loud ticking became a loud knocking. How am i t figure out the problem and how do i fix it myself?? Plz email me back asap at ( Its my only vehicle need to fix asap!! Trevor Whiting
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How many miles are on this car and are you the original owner? Try a thicker oil, like a 20-50 to see if that makes any difference, but don't use 20-50 in the winter!!
How dirty is your oil when you check it? The ticking sounds like sticking lifters. If they get bad enough, they can ruin a cam, I have seen this happen. What weight and type of oil are you using?
There is 78234. My oil was alittle dirty when changing but not way dirty. No im not the original owner of this car. I bought it with 40000. I run 5-30 in it. It sounds like a rist pin around the piston is what ive been told. I have tore into the dual over head cams rite on top of the engine and evertything looks and feals smooth and rite. I have thought about Changing the engine out but not sure what is wrong.
Hi,I am Sam having axactly the same problem you had please help me who to call,tried everything even the dealership,nothing
I had that problem and I was getting suggestions all the way to motor replacement.I took it to the shop and they found a solenoid on the egr system that was making the noise. They had to go into the computer and disable that solenoid because even after replacing solenoid the tick continued.After that it was quiet and ran like new again.It actually never ran bad it just sounded like it was falling apart.
Worse on right turns and cold?
Let up slightly on throttle and rattling/knocking noise stops?
Is that what you experienced?
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