Q: loss of power on 1990 Mazda Miata MX-5

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i have not power hardley on take off. if i ease up on throttle just a bit it picks up. but it seems to be getting worse.i have replaced converter and muffler on the exhaust system and replaced the plugs
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if nothing seems to work you need to take the lower timing belt pulley off and check the woodruff key and the slots it goes in on the crank and the pulley if this is worn it will cause your timing to be off thus lack of power and it is very common in 1990 Miatas. If this is your problem you can fix it with loctite 660 quickmetal. there are a few comprehensive guides for this fix on the internet
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Is your car a manual transmission? Could it be that the clutch is slipping. The 1990 Miata has an ignition coil pack at the back of the cylinder head but if it fails the engine would miss badly. If the engine does mis fire check that the spark plug tube wells are not fouled with oil, it would be a sign that the valve cover gasket has failed to keep oil out of the spark plug wells.
Check fuel pressure and fuel volume (it should be about one pint every ten seconds, ensure the air filter and air filter housing are not restricted.
i just had that problem. at stop sign my car would or almost go dead. or if i would slow down. there was no pick-up. it's your fuel line/pump. i had to replace all of mine it was 500.00 including labor from a mechanic. if you want to do it yourself it's about...200.