Q: Losing Power on 2000 Honda Civic

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My Honda Civic loses power on acceleration. Sometimes I have to floor it to get it to 40, after which it picks up ok but still makes some weird revving noises. I had the spark plugs changed a couple of years ago so I don't think that's it.
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How many miles on it? automatic or manual trans? check engine light on? Smooth loss of power or rough/shaking feel? Better as long as you don't go over 3000 RPM? It only takes a few seconds to foul a spark plug , so having had them changed 'a couple of YEARS ago' is a starting point . distributer , PCM , V-TEC (if equipped), Think of it as a living breathing being and learn how it's "organs' (parts) all work together and it'll be much easier to diagnose by symptom (response to your input while driving) FOR EXAMPLE does it feel athsmatic, or does it feel like someones holding their foot on the brake?... By the way ....does anyone out there know how to remove passenger side lug nuts from a '65 plymouth barracuda??