Q: loses throttle on 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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I have a 2005 F250 6.0 Turbo diesel lariat with about 134,000 miles. recently i was at a stop sign and when i went to take off no throttle. Was taken the kiddos to school so i pushed it to the side walked them to school came back and truck started and now i had throttle. thought maybe bad gas? anyway about two weeks later same thing this time at a traffic light. I shut truck off thinking about last time but truck won't start (battery went dead)towed it to dealer said i needed tension rod but what that had to do with no throttle he couldn't answer. Day I went to pick truck up they tell me I need an EGR Valve and my turbo cleaned out. put new EGR valve on haven't had my turbo cleaned (they wanted $875.00,to do both which i was told was to high) so i have a buddy that replaced my EGR. Ran fine for about two weeks, now it seems to happen once a day, it could be in the morning or i can drive all day with no problem and all of a sudden on my way home bam no throttle. Some days I have trouble getting it started when i do i usually have no throttle.
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If your EGR valve needed to be cleaned, you could have a blown head gasket are you loosing any coolant or do you ever see any white or gray smoke out the tail pipe. Give us a call and more details to answer your question.
No Sir to both questions. It idles fine or at least sounds fine. Once she clears up and I get it to idle she runs like a champ. I just get nervous not knowing from day to day what's going to happen. Can my TPS SENSOR be going bad? Thank you very much for your time!