Q: loses power while driving on 1993 Mercury Villager

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I have a 1993 Mercury Villager and all of a sudden today when driving the engine will rev and I will lose speed in the middle of driving. The vehicle bucks a little when this happens. What is the problem or things I should check. The oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid are all full and fine. This is just so sudden and I have no idea what it is. I think I smell a little burning rubber, could it be a belt?
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It sounds like the transmission is losing engagement when it bucks and revs. Does your speedometer work at this time too?

You could have a speed sensor issue, a transmission range sensor issue, or an internal transmission engagement problem. Hard to say. Having test equipment to monitor various components when the failure occurs is the only real way to handle it.

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My speeometer works, but when it bucks or sputters I lose speed, and the speedometer drops slowly, but still works. I was thinking it may be a clogged filter of some sort. Would something happen that suddenly to the transmission? I mean it was working fine the night before, just when I ran it the next morning, and ever since, does it do this. Could it be clogged fuel injectors? I am a female, so I don't know too much, I know some though. I ran it again last evening and there was no smell of burning rubber. I don't hear or feel anything from under the van. When it sputters and I give it gas it does pick up. It has no problem switching gears, it seems to shift ok.
The key to your original statement in your original question is:

"...the engine will rev and I will lose speed in the middle of driving."

That statement has me pointing to the transmission.

It's all really guess work until you actually check for fuel pressure, ignition system operation, and exhaust restrictions. I would check for speed sensor voltage continually while the problem is occurring. I don't suspect anything else like "clogged injectors" especially because this is an intermittent fault.

The burning rubber - I don't know how that figures into the deal.

Naturally, having a diagnostic test with a qualified technician is the best scenario.
SAME thing happened to mine. it was the Mass Air Flow Sensor , once that was replaced , it was like a new van.