Q: loosing power on 1995 BMW 740iL

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I have a beauty 740il, but starting to shake time to time also i notice doesn't have the same power, a guy told me to replace the injetors, is that help???, thanks.
(1) Answer
The injectors rarely go out or need to be replaced on this vehicle. You need to go to a professional mechanic to diagnose your problem. You will not find a simple answer to this question online. If you haven't replaced your spark plugs in a while, it may be time to do so. Leaking valve cover gaskets can fill up the spark plug valley and damage coils causing your condition. The intake on your vehicle is known to leak at the rear crank case ventilation plate causing a lean condition,or you may have a cracked and leaking throttle boot. Any of these and many others will cause your vehicle to run rough. Save time and frustration and see a professional BMW mechanic with quality diagnostic abilities. Be warned though, more than one of the conditions described above may need to be corrected to have your car running properly again.