Q: LOOSING COOLANT on 2002 Volvo S60

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I was loosing coolant was told by Volvo that it was raidiator so put bars leak in it and worked for awhile while saved money to fix right took it in to import shop that works on Volvo and they said they pressurized system no raidator leak that had a blown head gasket said it was going to cost $3000.00....andy56guy engine was not overheating if any thing it was running cooler
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first of all bars leak is a sealer that unfortunately clogs up the system. never use sealers as they create more problems than you need.
a head gasket is common from an overheat. it may have overheated before you added the sealer. if you dont believe them, get a second opinion.

No problem with the service shop but I allways have them keep parts they replace I was just curious about the cost is that normal I use to do All my own work but the cars now days to many eletornics to do at home andy56guy