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Q: Looking for instructions for removing Shifter Assembly
on 2007 Mercury Milan

Having the problem where the key gets stuck in the ignition and will not come out. Expecting to have to remove the shift knob. The sensor as I understand it is not sold separately and is part of the shifter assembly.
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I just went through this too. Started in April when I took it to the Ford dealer for repair. They said I needed a new tumbler and charged me $357. It worked fine for 3 months then the key was stuck again. Problem first was that it was with my daughter 5 hours away! We met her halfway and traded cars. I returned it to the dealer who looked at it and said it was now the sensor in the gear shift assembly. I told them I had suspected that in the first case, having checked it online but they insisted it was the tumblers. Then they argued it worked fine after they "replaced the tumblers" so it must have been that at the time. Now it was this "new problem" so the warranty didn't cover it. They don't sell the sensor separately and I had to buy the whole thing! I had to order it and pay upfront. Meanwhile, they were able to get my key out and it worked fine for the past 3 flag there. What did they do to make it work again? Obviously they didn't replace the tumblers again as they did last April to make it work. I still need to buy a gearshift assembly according to them to make it work.....yet it's fine now.....why? Well, I insisted on seeing the we part before it went in and I asked for the old part. Looking at it now the problem is so obvious and easily fixed! The gearshift assembly is so modular. It looks like there are 4 screws that hold it in place and it simply plugs in. But really I didn't need to buy anything but a old epoxy or Crazy Glue. The sensor or micro switch just appeared to come loose and needed to be snapped back in place and maybe better secured with adhesive. If you can figure out how to get the center shroud off....the rest is easy. I do know that the chrome rectangle around the shifter lifts up out of place. It just snaps in there with grooved tabs. Once you get the shroud off and can see the assembly....the switch is blue and on the right side. Toward the front is a plunger on a magnetic switch that if you pull it out it allows you to move the shifter out of park. This brings the metal tab that pushes the switch out of the way so that you can set the switch in place. If you look on the back of the switch, there are two holes that receive two nubs on the assembly and there's a nub on the switch that goes into the assembly to position it properly. There are also two plastic grips on either side of the switch to hold it in place. Once you secure this switch and move the shifter back into park your key should release. This was an $800 lesson I wish I didn't have to pay for but I'm glad to pass it along to you. I hope it helps!
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