Q: Looking for hitch for 1991 GMC Van. What chassis was used? equivalent truck? on 1991 GMC Vandura 2500

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Looking for a hitch for a 1991 Vandura Van 2500 GMC. Does anyone know if this was a truck chassis? if so which one? The trailer people say they can't find it listed as a van.
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The vehicle identification label should tell you. Check drivers door on the end of the door or on the pillar. Sometimes they also have info on the inside of the glove box.
I looked and both stickers are there. However, that doesn't tell me if this is the same chassis as say a 1990 chevy 2500 pickup. If I could find an equivalent chassis then I could get a hitch for that and it should fit.
Sorry my response wasn't more helpful , what I'm used to seeing on their labels' is something saying 'incomplete' or some other phrasing like that if it was a cab and chassis only with the box part added on as a 'special build vehicle' which I thought would be more helpful in determining the frame type. The next best thing might be to stop by a GMC dealer and let them know what your trying to do and they might(read as should) be able to lead you in the right direction. Hope you find what you need.