Q: Looking for good advise concerning transmission problem? on 2007 Mercedes-Benz ML350 4MATIC

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2007 ML350, shifting down and not back up. Have to shut down totally and restart. Now check engine light and dealers says need new transmission. Seems like a lot of this going on with these cars. Is MB helping?
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Scan code per the service manager is 0717- he said he feels the trani needs to be replaced because of high values and excessive wear.
mercedes-benz assumes their cars are indestructable like some models rec. oil change every 10,000 miles when oil manufacturers and service shops rec. every 5,000 miles. dealerships in general are a sketchy bet for service work as they have habit of over charging clientelle. i know a guy who works mech. shop at a ford dealership that absolutely will not rec. his ford dealership for general maintenence and a lady who works at a GM dealership that feels the same about her shop. taking your business to an independant garage is not going to hurt the dealerships because of all the gov. contracts(police, ambulance, etc.). they can afford to over charge you cause their business is selling cars, not repairing them. warranty is part of sales pitch.
rec. you bring your ride to a tranny shop for diagnostic run. tranny tech. will advise. it's worth going to a specialist.
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