Q: looking for electrical timing marks to check ignition timing on 2001 Mazda B3000

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we replaced the camshaft synchronizer, now we have a check engine light on, tried adjusting cam sync, still the same, not able to find any kind of timing marks on timing cover, or balancer. help
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It is not set with a timing light. A special tool must be used during the installation of the new synchronizer assembly. Most repair shops have or you may have to rent it from a parts store.
i have the tool it came with the new synchronizer,the problem i'm having is finding timing marks from timing cover to balancer.Normally there is a 0 mark that coensides with having the TDC, these are what i am not able to find. without these how do you properly set the cam sync.
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Get the engine to TDC by pulling #1 spark plug and see if you can get piston to top of its compression stroke. You may have to turn engine manually back and fort to you are certain its at the percise position. Then the tool is set on top of the compensator and is adjusted obtaining a 38 degree angle in relation to center line of engine. Mazda has a indepth TSB # No: 01-001/03 that exsplains this pocedure.It also has a diagram of the tool installed and getting the 38 degree angle. It can be found in alldata. Some parts stores have access to this information. You can use info for a 2001 ford ranger also.
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