Q: Long Trip With Engine Burning Oil, Good or Bad Idea on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

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My truck uses around 4 quarts of oil every 150 miles i need to take the truck 1200 miles round trip. How bad of an idea is this if i keep a close eye on the oil level and everything? I know its not idea but i dont have a whole lot of choice in the matter right now. Thank you for your help.
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Bring 30 quarts of oil and stop every 60 miles to add 2 quarts. OR find the leak and if it's simple (oil pressure sender or valve cover gasket(s) ), then it might cost less to fix the leak. 30 quarts of oil=$120.00?
checked for leak long time ago, its burning it, do you think it will burn more than usual running down the highway for a long lenghth of time?
You are burning 4 quarts every 150 miles? Does this thing still have the converters on it? Is the PCV system working?