Q: location of the egr valve on a 2000 s type jaguar is on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

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i have been reading that the egr valve could be my problem in rough idle problem where is the location on a 2000 s type jaguar
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The EGR Valve can cause a rough idle if the valve is open at idle, but this is not common. You should have a check engine light on if that is the case, is it on?
If you have a misfire, I wouldn't start with the EGR Valve or the MAF Sensor.
Misfires can be cause by several things, spark plug, ignition coil, injector or a vacuum leak primarily.
Here is some info on the misfire code,
Read this for a better understanding, but I wouldn't start replacing parts, I would pay for a diagnosis and then replace what they say is bad.
yes the engine light is and auto zone scanned it said engine miss firer in number 1 valve then done some reading and said egr valve needs to be replace also mass air sensor needs to be cleaned
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