Q: location of secondary a i r pump on 2001 Cadillac Seville SLS

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I need repair/replacement proceedure (R&R) secondary a i r pump. Code P0410 appeared on scan. Is this a repair something a shadetree mechanic should be able to do?
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Even though code P0410 is listed as "Secondary A.I.R Injection Malfunction" it does not necessarily mean that the A.I.R. pump is defective. Code P0410 is set when the computer system runs both an active and passive test to make sure the A.I.R. system is working properly. Both these tests look at specific voltage responses from the upstream oxygen sensors. If the responses are not within OEM parameters the computer stores code P0410. Did you check to make sure fuse #45 (A.I.R. fuse) in the under hood fuse block is good? Did you check to make sure the A.I.R. pump relay is receiving a signal and is good? Did you check for restrictions, damage to the air pump hoses and pipes? Have you checked for poor electrical connections at the A.I.R. solenoid, relay, fuse, computer? Proper diagnostic steps will keep you from replacing parts that are not defective. If you don't have a scan tool with output controls, vacuum pump, test light, etc. you won’t be able to properly diagnose this code.

Yes a shade tree mechanic should be able to replace the A.I.R. pump if he/she has the proper tools, repair information and ability but remember my advice when you replace the pump and the code comes back soon after.
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