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Location of fuse for rear hatch door.

(2005 Toyota Sequoia)
in Kaunakakai, HI on January 25, 2009
The rear hatch door window and windshield wiper aren't working. I'm trying to look for the fuse for the rear hatch door but the labeling for the fuses in the fuse box isn't to specific. Could you please give me a location of the rear hatch door fuse or if you've experience any similar problems with the rear hatch door, possible solutions for this problem.
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There is a computer that is dedicated to operating everything in the back door.It receives power from a 7.5 Amp fuse marked ECU-B in the fuse box in the engine compartment driver's side and a fuse in the passenger compartment lower trim panel fuse box, that fuse is 10 Amp and marked ECU-IG. Look at the wires/harness that goes to the rear door at the rear door hinge, on older vehicles I have seen these harnesses have wires break internal in the harness from repetitive flexing of the harness.
on July 18, 2009
Try cycling the window up and down. And or take of the back panel and tap motor and lube all parts. I just did the same and found it all works again. Keep in mind nothing will work unless window is all the way up. And the window will not go down if wiper is cycling and or not in the park position. This is all very simple and anyone with a screw driver can do this.
on July 07, 2010
How do you get the back panel off?
on June 30, 2010
There is a TSB for this. If all of the electrical items (wiper, defrost, window) then this is the problem. There are no parts to replace. Just an adjustment. See my answer (under sequoia05) at the following link:
on September 04, 2010
I can't get the link for the TSB to work. Is there another way to get the information?
on March 13, 2011

- roll down the rear window using the dash button.
- roll the rear window back up but keep the button pressed for a few seconds after it is fully up.
TaDa! Should work again. Credit goes to drmobius on for this fix.
Try something simple: just open and re-close the rear window. The window has a safety switch that keeps the wiper, washer and heater from working if the window is open. The window settles down (from opening and closing the hatch) over time the window settling triggers the switch. If you open and re-close the window it resets the switch and everything works again. My 2003 4 Runner does this over time. I just open it and re-close it to fix the problem

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on December 21, 2017
Headlights dim when trying to start??
on June 30, 2009
I am having the same problem with my 2005 Sequoia (rear wiper and rear window inoperable). Were you able to find the problem with yours? I checked fuses and all were ok, took to the dealer and was advised both motors were bad. I am having trouble believing both motors would go bad at the same time. Any advise?
on October 09, 2009
I just did what vanativ83 said and took the rear moldings and panal off opened the metal cover located the motor and tapped on it with the hatch closed while someone used the key to operate the window from the outside. I went to the Toyota site and printed out a Tech report on how to remove everything to get to the motor - zero cost
on September 21, 2015
I had the same issue. This is what I did. It was very simple.
I turned the key to the "ON" position. Did not start engine.
I pushed and held the UP on the rear window for approx 10 seconds. You should hear a slight "click" from the rear.
I then turned the car off.
This reset the wiper and the rear defrost.
As for the window going down, I did the following:
I removed the plastic molding from the center, sides and then the rear molding.
I then removed the 10mm screws holding the panel to the regulator and motor and removed the panel.
I then used the butt of a large screw driver and tapped the gears, motor and spring assembly.

I put every thing back together.
This worked believe it or not. I would say the window and/or motor just didnt move enough before I bought it.
All three work great now.
I hope this helps.
on March 08, 2010
I had the same problem with my 2005 Sequoia. The rear wiper, defrost, and window all would not work. I looked at the fuses and nothing seemed unusual...except there was one fuse that looked a little "unusual" was the one marked "TAIL" on the upper left corner of the fuse panel that is by the driver's left knee. I switched that out and then the window and everything else worked fine. Not totally convinced it was the fuse, but it is likely. I also tapped on the window motor witha hammer a few times so maybe that had something to do with it...anyway, everything works now. Also replaced the rear door latch mechanism that was no longer working...wasn;t too bad a job...maybe two hours tops, and the latch part was about $100. The door handle hadn;t broken yet, otherwise it would have been trickier.
on May 25, 2014
Is all of this the same for an 04?
on June 03, 2015
Same thing happened to me. Watch out if you remove the interior hatch panel to remove the interior hatch pull strap before you snap it out or the panel will crack (oops). It unscrews easy too.

I had the same thing happen to me. I used the key to unlock the hatch door 3-4 times and it locked up. I turned the car off with keys out of ignition and then I took the ECU-B (2005 4runner) fuse out (use tool is white and inside fuse box), put it right back in and tried the hatch door. It worked!!!

Good luck.
on June 06, 2014
Remove the interior panel on the rear hatch. look at the wire harness on the driver side where the connection is for the tail light and you will see that the wiring has been chafed by the window going up and down. order a new wire harness for the rear hatch. sorry, I don't have the part number. this explains the "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't syndrome".
on December 21, 2017
Most of the power problems with the rear door is the wiring harness. It get chafed by the window going up and down. I had to pull the wiring harness out and splice all the effected lines.
on January 06, 2017
I have had similar issues with my wife's 2005 Sequoia and replaced the motor, which now works and the back door will now lock and unlock with FOB, but in reverse on switch, up is now down and vice versa. The wiper, defroster and key function to lower window still do not work. I am thinking that after reading all of the TSR information that the ECU probably needs to be replaced. Any thoughts? I will go back and check the wiring harness to see if there are any issues but have previously checked and didn't find anything out of order.
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