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Q: location of air conditioner water drain line on 2000 Lincoln Town Car

It appears that my air conditioner water/drain line is stopped up and water is collecting in the right front and rear floorboards. I've had it put on a rack 3 times and they can't find it, maybe you can help me. They attempt to look it up on the computer but it doesn't show it. maybe I can get a picture of its location, thanks
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Ford Dealership stated that on my 2000 Lincoln Towncar the air conditioner drain hose is behind the right front fender well cover. It's been stated that you have to be very careful in placing either a rod or clothes hanger up the line to clear, you might hit the core and damage it. One suggestion (sounds the best) is to use a piece of heavy weed eater line since it's pliable and shouldn't damage the core......
My a/c condensate drain line is broken off and appears to be sucking water back into the condenser area, then flowing down behind the carpet to the floor. Maybe that could be your problem.
Do you collect water in these areas only after a rain? if so, ,it's a problem in the front windsheild cowl,pop hood and on the same side of leak,remove plastic rain cowl by removing 2 or 3 plastic screws, then you will see a palstic cover which covers a screen, it has about 8 screws ,you'll need a small socket set to remove these, pull out cover and turn it upside down and you'll see it has a seal or weatherstrip type material on it,take a putty knife and remove this old seal, clean it good and clean area it was removed from real well,take silicone or a good sealer and place about 1/4" bead all the way around it, place it back pressing down to make contact,and replace screws and secure, problem solved. for the rear floor being wet when it rains, pour water around rear window pop trunk and follow water and check the trubk channel follow down through the lights and underneath car, if everthing looks good up top, go underneath, get a flashlight and somekind of red marker and mark off everyplace water touched beneath car,compare side of where leak is coming in with the other side, check those joints or seams, anyway, get your self a sealer of somekind, silicone, etc, you may even want to try expoxy, seal those areas, your problem will be solved. pull out backseat and remove floor trim pull carpet back, it's gonna be soaking wet, get some rags ,newspaper and try to dry best you can, then get a blow dryer, prop carpet up with a stick or something that wont damage carpet,open windows,pull rubber drain plug in floor and let the air get in and dry it,a will take afew dry days to dry completely, wipe floor with a disenfect,put carpet back down.don't forget to put back rubber drain plug, you should be good. Here's another added tip! on the drivers side, you'll have to remove wipers to do this , remove cowl, you'll see water drain pan with two holes in it, one at the right hand bottom corner and one going out the side, anyway i bought some rubber hose and placed in the bottom drain opening to direct water flow, because when it rains the water will run right down over a wire harness, which makes no sense to me,so just food for thought, you could be eliminating a major problem down the road, i think this is a design flaw.good luck.
I am not sure (yet) this was my problem, but it needed to be done. The air intake was stuffed with leaves,seed pods and just organic crap (Lots of it). If it was not the problem it was sure going to be soon!!
Are you sure its not the heater core leaking on the passenger side behind the dash as it will soak that side of the carpet, check to see if your coolant level is low
answer 3 is the right answer. i had the same problem and replaced the seal under the hood near the wipers. go on you tube there is a video that will guide you step by step takes 10 minutes
answer #3 is what my son did to fix my 2000 Lincoln Towncar. For almost a year, the rear floor board was wet after a rain. I saw the video on youtube and my son fixed the problem. 20 minutes and $6.00 tube of silicone was the cost of repair. Big relief.
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