Q: Locate Starter relay? on 1990 Jaguar XJ6

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My jag is actually an 1986 xj6. Please someone tell me where my starter relay is located?
(1) Answer
The starter realy is not visible it is concureded there for it uses a 5 key code ignition setup however you should be able to locate the ignition relay in front of the fire wall there should be three relays the one closest the drivers side is fuel pump relay and the one near the left is igniton relay just test them to see if they work use a nine volt battery a small one should be fine to see if the relays are good. One other thing there is a voltage regulator visible in front of the engine below the air intake assembly this is powered by the ecu and the ecu is powering the voltage amplifier via voltage regulator so there is also a way to detect if your not getting power to you distributor wich regulates voltage to your spark plugs the air flow meter powers the fuel relay and then turns on the pump so the air flow meter also regulates the injector pulses good luck keep a DMM around digital multi meter.