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check the fuel lines and pump
Last of the HOT ROD LINCOLNS. The air struts are available at 866 or 888 AIRRIDE. The air selnoids are $29.99 at advance Auto.Best thing I purchased was a Ford?/lincoln manuel from a dealer which was closing up! Try to find a wreck one for parts!!???? Only 200000 made per year! Got to be a future classic. This car sold for $39000+ when new! I would take $10000 for mine today! Very fast and confortable. If you got one for sale, message me pls! Hey, you can do the repairs yourself if you are a fairly good mechanic! YOU WILL NEED A LINCOLN MANUEL.THEY HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE ANY OTHER CAR, FIX THEM AND ENJOY. ONE DAY IN THE FUTURE I BELIEVE THEY WILL BE SELLING ON BARRETT-JACKSON FOR BIG BUCKS. MANY PARTS ONLINE IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK!!
Previously owned 1, car looked good, pretty good cruiser and good on gas for the miles before warranty ran out. A nightmare to get anyone to work on it at a reasonable rate. No mechanic wants to work on the car, so it's back to the dealer for another rip off. If you got 1 of these and it's still running ditch it before you have to shell out a small fortune to keep it going. Here's the list of failures that will happen: Alternator, Air Conditioner, Air shocks, Transmission and finally one of the two timing chains will break and the motor is outta here. Spark plug wires will have to be Lincoln wires no after market crap will do. Battery will have to be same as factory else another failure on cheapo batteries. It has a $12 part called cranking mechanism, 1st time before they figured it out and after being towed about 3 times it cost me a $1000 for a computer replacement and other miscellaneous parts. 2nd time cranking mechanism went out and towed again, I reminded them of the $12 part and it was only $125 + towing. Oh and the head lights will fog out with age and require $150 for each to be replaced. The electric seats, windows and sun roof with fail and the door handles will break in your hand. Sun roof and back windshield will leak. The seal on the back glass will rot and can only be replaced by purchasing the entire windshield. One outstanding feature: If any foreign car ever runs into this tank it will withstand the hit and the other car will be a pile of crushed sheet metal. Kept throwing good money after bad and car was probably towed at least 12 times after just getting out of the shop. Good luck and never another Ford or Lincoln for me.
i love dependable cars , especially the ones that look great & exceed mfg's "failure modes". my Linc. MK8 1994 has been a dream & i write this in 2013!!the engine is a 4.6l quad cham. The air ride suspension gave out every 4-5 yrs. @ a cost of just above 500$ per fix. in 2013 air ride parts were not to be found so i went to the sandard spring/coil suspension. noticed very little difference except when i was doing 140 mph. one wild night , i noticed a bouncy feeling in the "ride". right now the only problem is sticking power windows on both doors. oh & the drivers latch (door opener)gave out& was replaced on 2008.when in EPTX you see a burgundy mk8 with a custom made skull n crossbones for a grill. that'll be me with a huge grin, knowing this beauty of a car payed itself off decades ago by being the best car i've ever owned!!
we love the car transmission is leaking is there a recall on are can some one fixit and promble with the head lights.need help please response live in monticello fla 32344 the engine light come on the high ride make make the trukgo up , it has been a good car , but it should not be breaking down like that
I bought mine with 144,000 miles and it now has 177000. I have had the usual problems: air ride (I got it converted to coils),blend door,and broken driver door handle. It has a slow oil pan leak. I have put money into the car, but I love it and intend to keep it forever. You have to love these cars to get one. If you don't love them, don't even think of getting one. They are beautiful, handle well for a big car, and accelerate like a scaled dog once you get them going. But they are not a cheap date.
I have a 1997 Lincoln Mark 8 and when I take my foot off of the accelerator it cuts off, what could be the problem?
Bought my '95 Mark VIII with 40k miles on it in Jan. '05. I love the ride, but would NOT RECOMMEND it because of the VERY HIGH COST of repairing/replacing air ride, which this one didn't even get to 70,000 miles before breaking (& Linc. dealers will not work on suspension or older models, & honestly, they don't drive nearly as good without the air ride). I had it repaired first time & 13 months later air ride went out again. Eventually, converted to shocks and then had to have new control arms too. Rebuilt the total suspension front and back, chronic problems with headlights, sunroof doesn't work, many cracked hoses, alternator, many batteries, automatic antenna doesn't work. I've spent about $5000 to 6000 in repairs (actual costs). Upside is that it does have great power/pickup and the AC is in good condition & I don't mind driving it. As much as I want to buy another American made car, don't think I will after a T-Bird, 2 Mercury Cougars (head gaskets went out and these were bought brand new)and now this old Linc. But, I do have a soft-spot in my heart (or maybe it's really in my head), for the old ride. Spent so much on her, I may just keep for nostalgia cause they don't build 'em like this anymore. The Mark VIII has the same specs. as a Ford Cobra. Oops mine is a 95 not 93.
i love my 1997 lin mark8 lsc .
I purchased my 94 Mark VIII in 2008 for only $1500.00, I have to admit with the air ride system failure that this is the best car that I have ever bought. The car still had the new car smell and it was and is still immaculate inside and out with only 73k on the odometer. It has been sitting for the past 2 years, waiting for me to come home from prison. I am looking into strutmasters for the conversion kit to change my air ride suspension to shocks. after doing that I will have no problems with my Mark VIII. Overall this is a very good and reliable vehicle. My suggestion is to not give up on it, and take good care of it
having problems with the air suspension and finding that part... I cant find any help on that problem.
having problems finding air suspension part for my 98 mark 8
I love the syle of this car. It's a good car as long as you're willing to spend a little time & money on the suspension problems that these cars tend to have.
I own a 95 Ivory pearl and for the part she a dream have prob with lights tho
Car is great other than suspension problems!
I love my Mark Vlll, but have spent a lot of money on repairs. Right now and for a long time I have replaced 4 batteries and 4 altinators in 5 years and it still won't start every time. Any suggestions?